Scholarship in Work (2018-2021)

Tucker's Mid-Century St. Louis

I have spent the last several years working on a major research project examining St. Louis in the 1950s, a time of massive change and investment.  It focuses on the administration of Mayor Raymond Tucker.  It's under consideration for publication right now with the Missouri History Museum.

Henry Bregstone's Life and Work

H. H. Bregstone was a prolific photographer of small town mid-America.  He traveled thousands of miles and captured thousands of images, putting them on real-photo postcards.  This is a project that began out of one research project, which then became a collection, which became its own research project.  Watch this space for publication and availability.

Ernest Hemingway and...

Here's another place where collecting and research are becoming a scholarly project.     I have a book proposal pending to examine some aspects of Hemingway's life that have not been explored deeply.  More to come.... 

My Existing Scholarship (2003-2017)

Made in USA (2003)

My 2003 book Made in USA is out of print after exhausting two printings.  The book remains the first and only comprehensive scholarly history of East St. Louis.  The book had a companion public television documentary of the same name.  It, too, is "out of print" but copies exist in various public libraries still.  The used-book market like and eBay occasionally list old copies for sale.   A print-on-demand version of the book is scheduled for 2018.  Watch this space!

East St. Louis (Images of America series) (2011)

This book was a collaboration with a long-time friend, Bill Nunes.  It is available through the Arcadia Publishing website, but is also available at BN and Amazon.  It's a great book that's drawn largely from my research collection at SIUE.

The Making of an All-America City (Sesquicentennial Series) (2011)

My friend Mark Abbott was the editor of this volume, and I contributed an essay to it.  I was the series editor for this, the series' first volume.  "How Three Lives Changed a City" is an examination of how three individuals forever shaped the city of East St. Louis, Illinois.  It is distributed by the Missouri History Museum through University of Chicago Press.  It is readily available on BN or Amazon.  

An East St. Louis Anthology (Sesquicentennial Series) (2012)

My friend Charlie Lumpkins edited this, the second volume in the Sesquicentennial Series.  It is a faithful reproduction of pages from historic encyclopedias, atlases, directories, and other documents related to East St. Louis.  It also is distributed by Missouri History Museum through the University of Chicago Press.  Find it on BN and Amazon.

Sadly, the series ended after two volumes (instead of the planned five) due to Illinois's budget crisis.  The content for volumes 3, 4, and 5 was assembled  and will be published online eventually.

St. Louis Currents (4th and 5th editions) (2010 and 2016)

This book is a collection of essays on the St. Louis region that is published about every five years since the 1990s.  It was begun by FOCUS St. Louis, but SIUE took over the publication in partnership with FOCUS for the last two editions.  

  • I edited the 4th edition with Mark Abbott.  It focused on urban planning and how communities evolved after a century of planning.  I contributed an essay that applies Daniel Elazar's political culture study to the St. Louis region.  The DVD version contains a faithful reproduction of the 1907 St. Louis City Plan.  
  • I edited the 5th edition with Terry Jones, but did not contribute an essay.  It is a thoughtful look at St. Louis with essays from experts in many areas.  
  • These are distributed by Reedy Press in St. Louis.  Find both online at BN or Amazon.

The Andrew J. Theising Research Collection at SIUE (since 2003)

Housed in the Bowen Archives at SIUE's Lovejoy Library is the Andrew J. Theising Research Collection.  I donated my East St. Louis memorabilia and resources to the University to help advance research on that city.  It is one of the most-frequently used collections at SIUE.  Find it on the SIUE website.

I add to the collection every few years, with a major addition planned for 2018.